first try on drawr ;;v;;
geez it's messy /sob/ i'm suck at proportions. Sorry Tomomi.. i butchered you

a request from irl friend. Honestly, they're really sweet together. Yes, i have to admit it *7*~ /shot dead/ Even though they're not a couple.
Sorry if i butchered you guys! /sob/ another one will coming soon.




.....i know i'm not good with comics.. /sob
i'm going to make a 4-koma for this one ;;v;;
and yes~ this is how Tomomi & Pitamon met. She was 9, and her hair was still black and not dyed yet.
Kouya's design is actually used for Minispris RP group. But-- ....i always stuck on drawing boys.

Friday dump



ah.. after a while, my new oc is finally done~ *7*
idk i made some tsundere girls /sob Oh how i love female pirates *///* i already have a plot for her story. And i try to connect her with Akahime, but i don't think they would be appear in a same series. /shot
Anyway, her name is Captain Strawberry (yes, i suck at giving names otl) Her real name is unknown but.. i'll think about it later.

tsuba-suzu copy

a-another pic of Suzuran & Akahime (which also called 'Tsubaki' )~ my new otp *7*
This was made at school.. while i'm in speaking class...ahaha *7*;;
Thanks a lot to Eye.. whose randomly drew a bishie, and i instantly fell in love with him /shot. So.. we decided to make them as a pair. Eye.. i'm sorry i butchered him /sob
It said that Suzuran is a kitsune who loves eating children (and this is why Tsubaki called him a pedo /shot) and Akahime is a thief who is actually give some funds / money for poor people.
Their names are derived from flowers, "Suzuran" and "Tsubaki"